Become Partner Backup

What is a Ministry Incubators Partner?

A Ministry Incubators Partner is an individual or organization that has formally invited us into a long-term coaching relationship. Ministry Incubators Partners receive the largest share of our social capital investment–our time, availability, networks, counsel, experience (which means we say “no” to other things in order to say “yes” to our partners). Partners return 5% of their enterprise’s gross annual income (or total annual budget, if they are funded through grants and donations) to Ministry Incubators.

What are the Benefits of Partnership?

Think of Ministry Incubators Partnerships as the old Verizon ad in which the whole Verizon network walks around with the customer everywhere she goes. That network is us, combined with all of the relationships we have developed over 60 years of combined ministry. If we can’t help you, we know someone who will.

Or, think of a Ministry Incubators Partnership as the State Farm commercial in which somebody gets in a jam, sings the State Farm jingle, and *poof!*–the insurance rep magically materializes. We haven’t mastered the *poof!* part yet (and we don’t have a jingle), but for partners we’re always just a phone call away. If we can’t solve the issue immediately, we will walk with you till we get the job done.

The specific benefits of partnership are these: training in basic strategies of missional entrepreneurship, access to discounted expert counsel, and on-going coaching from Ministry Incubators for the first 10 years of the ministry.

“From the get-go, the partnership with Ministry Incubators has been the glue keeping all the moving parts of Feed Truck Ministries, Inc. together. They reminded me to keep the project soaked in prayer, surrounded by champions and built upon the right foundation, all while ensuring that we were putting something together that was legal, solvent and sound. They helped me navigate relationships with lawyers and denominational officials, and translated my frantic calls into the right questions and tools to keep moving ahead when things got complicated. They helped me build systems that will not only keep us running smoothly, but will enable us to help others interested in starting similar ministries. I am so grateful to Ministry Incubators for everything they’ve done in literally putting the rubber to the road for Feed Truck Ministries.” — Jessica Winderweedle

10 Years–Are You Serious?

Yep. We want you to get beyond the “early stages” of missional entrepreneurship, so you have the luxury of stability and the option of scale. You can always dissolve the relationship sooner with a buy-out fee, or renegotiate a different contract at the end of years 5 and 10.

How Do I Become a Ministry Incubators Partner?

Normally, you work with us for a short period (an event, a series of coaching sessions, a consultation period) and request a partnership. Then we have a conversation, and if you want to go forward, we’ll give you the paperwork you need to make it official.

I Heard that You Limit the Number of People You Work With–True?

Because we invest heavily in each ministry partner, we only take on 2-5 new partners a year. If you want to be one of them, please tell us.

Of course, anybody can come to an incubator event. We keep them intentionally small, but we’ll add additional events as the need arises.

So How Do I Pay For All This?

Apart from the cost of events, you pay nothing up front. Otherwise, 5% of the revenues from a partner’s missional enterprise goes to Ministry Incubators. We only get paid if your venture actually succeeds.

We tithe 10% of Ministry Incubators earnings to the Fund for the Future, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fund “by youth ministers for youth ministers,” which provides grants to innovative Christian ministries with and for young people.

Request a conversation about becoming a Ministry Incubators Partner.