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The Church Needs Innovation.

The church needs new ideas for a hurting world, but church leaders struggle with what to do with the people that have them. At Ministry Incubators, we conspire with would-be innovators to get their wild, faith-inspired projects clarified, launched, and sustainable, so that communities can be changed for the better.

Innovation Coaching

Ministry Incubators coaches are trained in helping innovators get their ideas clarified, launched, & sustainable. 

Hatchathon Cohorts

Join MINC faciliatators for a 2-day Hatchathon where you workshop your innovative ideas. You’ll then have regular meetings with your cohort and innovation coach to help you along the way.

Organizational Consulting

MINC has worked with large-scale clients to create creative, custom innovation consulting packages. 

WHy We’re Here: You. 

Your Idea Matters. 

There are plenty of smart, innovative leaders in the church with the God-given vision and motivation to transform their communities. And most of them never get to. 

Maybe you know there is a more faithful and more fruitful way of impacting your community and your world with the gospel, but you have no idea how to get started.

Let us help.


“Ministry Incubators’ sweet spot is not merely championing big dreams, it is strategically and passionately giving flesh and bones to those dreams.”

Nathan, The Farminary

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Roadmap Planning

Our staff offers custom solutions tailored to what you need to get your project clarified, launched, and sustainable.

Launch your Project

Launch your project alongside your Ministry Incubators team with confidence and change your community for the better.


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