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Ministry Incubators offers Games, Books, and Classes for Jump-starting Innovation in your own community

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Mission Possible

Mission Possible is a workshop-in-a-box that challenges multiple participant groups to take a set of “dealt” resources” and create a team project for the most transformative or creative solution to a complex social problem.

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Discipleship by design games

Ministry Incubators is delighted to bring you Discipleship by Design! Discipleship by Design is a line of board and card games designed to get your organization thinking in new ways about where God might be calling you next.

These beautifully designed games, developed by Dr. Mandy Drury, can be used by teams of any size, either on their own, or as part of a larger innovation-focused gathering. 

Starter suite

Ministry Incubators offers a self-paced seven-module course for anyone looking to launch a new project with practical instructional videos on revenue streams, project management, and more, taught by leaders such as Mark DeVries and Kenda Dean!

Books & Curriculum

Ministry Incubators also features a books, series, and curriculum studies by authors we trust that can help inspire innovation in your context. 

These resources make for excellent book studies, class curriculum, and more for your team.


The Starter Suite

Ministry Incubators offers several self-guided options for those looking to innovate, including our Starter Suite video course! This well-produced, informative course includes sessions on healthy rhythms, revenue streams, and the secrets to a great launch!

Sessions are led by ministry leaders such as Mark DeVries, Kenda Creasy Dean, Trey Wince and more! 


The two sessions on Multiple Streams of Income was awe-inspiring. This has been the missing link in the ability to bring our ideas to fruition!

Starter Suite Customer

From Discipleship by Design, rooted Good, and Princeton theological Seminary

Games & More

The Hatch Deck

This deck contains over 100 beautifully designed profiles of faith-friendly social enterprises that innovators like you have “Hatched!” The profile cards represent industries as diverse as fishing, geo-mapping, real estate investment, and tattoo parlors! Each card features a different social enterprise, how it was founded, what it does, and how it engages with larger social issues and faith.

 Feel free to deal out a few to each member of a team to use as a starting point for a conversation (who’s financial model might work for us? What options are out there for corporate sponsorship?), or to flip through the deck when you’re feeling stuck, or to utilize the examples to jump start the imagination of those around you!


Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect is a board game that uses cause and effect to help you creatively address the challenges you encounter in bite-sized pieces. This game is for anyone who wants to innovate in their context and make the world a little bit better. 

The object of Ripple Effect is to generate ideas on how you might solve challenges in your context. This game will help you define your challenge, cultivate empathy, identify resources, and spark creativity. It’s simply a place to start. Once you’ve generated some ideas you can take it from there!


This is a board game for anyone involved in some kind of innovative project. Think through complex questions of sustainability (do we have the money we need? what about the people?) in a fun, accessible way with this innovative and beautiful board game!

This game is designed to take you through a year-in-the-life of your organization. You will walk through the months, January through December, and answer questions along the way, all aimed at giving you greater insight into your start-up. Our hope is that by the end of the game you will have a clearer sense of what to do…or at least, what not to do.

Blow Up Your Idea!

If you have an idea, or a program, that feels a little stuck, Blow Up Your Idea is the game for you. The goal of this game is to spark creativity by asking wild questions and pushing you and your team to think radically outside the box.

The goal of this game is to spark creativity. Our hope is that you will take whatever idea you’ve got and make it sillier, savvier, crazier, more thoughtful, more creative, and more practical. In other words, we hope you’ll blow up your idea!

Featured Book

featured book

Innovating for Love

Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean, Ministry Incubators co-founder and Mary D. Synnott Professor of Youth, Church, and Culture at Princeton Theological Seminary, has published a new book about innovation that is being called “the book the Church has been waiting for.”