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What Does Life Look Like for a Ministry Incubators Partner?

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A 10 Year Investment–Are You Serious?

Yep. It’s also the least expensive option for you. We want to help you get beyond the “early stages” of impact entrepreneurship, so you have the luxury of stability and the option of scale.

You can also negotiate a “pay as you go” contract at a higher rate. And, if you need to, you can dissolve a Ministry Incubators relationship before the contract is finished by paying an early opt-out fee to cover Ministry Incubators’ investment on your behalf. If you leave your current position, we will renegotiate your contract to make it fit your new circumstance (or we can draft an opt-out Agreement).

Feed Truck Ministries, Inc.

Jessica Winderweedle
Ministry Incubators Partner

Try Pie

Laura Turner
Ministry Incubators Partner

How Do I Become a Ministry Incubator Partner?

Normally, you work with us for a short period (an event, a series of coaching sessions, a consultation period) and then request a partnership. We’ll give you the paperwork to make it official.

I Heard that You Limit the Number of Partners You Work With–True?

That’s true—we can only handle 5 or fewer new partners a year. Because we invest heavily in each social enterprise partner, we want you to get the attention you deserve. If you want to be a Ministry Incubators Partner, please tell us what you’re doing and we’ll schedule a conversation.

How Do I Pay for This?

Apart from the cost of Ministry Incubators events you may choose to attend, as a Ministry Incubators Partner you pay nothing up front with a traditional partner contract. If you choose a “pay as you go” arrangement instead—well, then you pay as you go.

Request a conversation about becoming a Ministry Incubators Partner.