Christian Hoeckley brings to Ministry Incubators 25 years of asking, “What’s next?” He’s led all phases of development for over a dozen programs, discovering the many hurdles that come with new ventures, but also the joy of collaborating with awesome people to bring something beautiful into the world.

Alongside his work as a serial program launcher, Chris taught philosophy for many years at a small Christian college. Not all the academic work was theoretical. With his wife, Cheri, Chris led a dozen semesters abroad focusing on the roles Christian communities have played in conflict and peacemaking.

These days, in addition to his work with Ministry Incubators, Chris leads the fundraising for PathLight, a Christian NGO supporting quality education for low-income children in Belize. Chris and Cheri make their home in Santa Barbara, close to one of their grown children, who’s right in town, but too far from the other two up in the Pacific Northwest.