John Harrell is a task-oriented nerd with a heart for building sustainable systems that serve the Reign of God. His work for Ministry Incubators includes helping to keep the team and our clients resourced for developing sustainable structures, helping the folks we serve to follow through on timelines for growth and organizational health. He also does voices, cracks jokes, and loves camping, travel, and deep-dish pizza. He’s been known to read airline schedules and memorize subway maps for fun.

John and his wife Ana, co-pastors of a congregation in the Midwestern heartland, have roots all over—in Seattle, Kentucky, California, North Carolina, and Maryland. John’s other work includes editing books and manuscripts for publication. His written work has appeared at and, and his editing clients have brought their work to print through InterVarsity Press, Routledge, Wipf & Stock, and Light + Life.

He is ordained in the Free Methodist Church – USA and is an experienced youth and young adult pastor and ministry developer. John and Ana live in southern Illinois.