Fund for the Future

Photo by Marlon Dias / CC BY

Photo by Marlon Dias / CC BY

Here’s our “space jam”: We want to start a movement with 200,000 youth workers around the world who pledge $1 a week (USD) for the Fund for the Future.

The Fund for the Future is a nonprofit 501(c)3 (in the process of getting approval) that provides grants and no-interest micro-loans to support innovation in youth ministry. Funded primarily by “youth ministers for youth ministers,” you can join the Fund for the Future movement by pledging $1 a week for ten years. Our goal is to raise $10 million by 2025 to help fund innovative ministries with children, youth, and young adults.

The Fund for the Future is scheduled for launch in 2016. We hope to have application forms for the first round of grants and micro-loans available on this site in Summer 2017, and first disbursed in Fall 2017.

Want to join the movement or receive more information? We promise to contact you as soon as you can make tax-deductible text and online contributions.