A primer on Ministry Incubators signature event and how we can help innovators get their idea from back-of-a-napkin to ready to launch!

What Is a Hatchathon?

A Hatchathon is a 2.5 day virtual or in-person event lead by Ministry Incubators staff meant to help teams of innovators go from rough idea to a budget and strategy for pulling off a successful launch. 

WHAt Does it include?

Modules will cover everything from clarifying vision to setting budget and it will culminate in a pitch in front of potential investors and grant-funders. 

Who is A Hatchathon for?

A Hatchathon is for any faith-inspired team or solo innovator who is ready to take their idea out into the world. We have both sponsored Hatches and open registration options for independent innovators. 


Elements of a Hatchathon

Theological grounding

All of our work will begin and end with prayer and worship and will help innovators hear God’s call. 


Ministry Incubators will help innovators get laser-focused on their target audience and mission.

design thinking

Participants will study human-centered design thinking and how it can shape their projects.



Participants will work within their own team and alongside others to develop ideas. 

system work

Participants will learn about 17 systems necessary for a successful organization. 

pitch development

Participants will build pitches and then have the opportunity to pitch to potential funders. 


How to Join a Hatchathon

sponsored Hatchathon

Organizations such a seminaries, denominational bodies, non-profits and more may sponsor a Hatchathon and invite participants from inside their organization. This allows for a gathering of people with similar goals, and removes the burden of cost from those who would want to participate. Talk to our team about sponsoring a Hatchathon, here. 

“Y’all Come” Hatchathon

Ministry Incubators also hosts open registration Hatchathons, affectionately known as “Y’all Come” events. These events are for innovators that don’t fit inside of a specific sponsoring body. These events have the advantage of a greater diversity of backgrounds and ideas, and are open to anyone who is a faith-based innovator! Talk to our team to learn when the next Y’all Come Hatchathon is scheduled. 


Hatchathons in the News!

Want to learn more about Hatchathons from some real-world examples? Check out this article from UM News on Ministry Incubators recent Hatchathon sponsored by the Mountain Sky Conference of the United Methodist Church! 

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