The Hatchathon gives space, time, and the right conditions to move your idea from concept to launch. This 2.5-day event is recommended for people who are still clarifying their idea for an impact enterprise or who want to learn the basics for launching an entrepreneurial ministry. Participants will create prototypes of basic framing documents, develop an initial pitch, and practice communicating their ideas to others.

“Hatchathon was an incredibly valuable experience for The EcoTheo Review. The structured and intensive time set apart, the sage advice and encouragement of Kenda and Mark, and the outside feedback from our sister teams provided an invaluable boost to our efforts. In 48 hours we progressed further in our vision and planning than we had in months. Hatchathon exposed our blind spots, reinforced our strengths, and brought much needed clarity and excitement to our organization. Thanks, Mark and Kenda!” —Nathan Sell, Hatchathon participant, Editorial Director, TheEcoTheoReview