As an organization committed to changing the church, we will speak up, donate, protest, and vote to proclaim Christ’s love and rejection of racism and hatred, and share God’s embrace of all people.

“Hope is a discipline; it is not a sentiment. But what I have also learned is that living the discipline of hope in this racial world—in this white supremacist-infested country called the United States of America – requires anger. I am angry.”

Dr. Willie Jennings,
Yale Divinity School

Hear Jennings’ entire reflection on George Floyd’s death here:


God of love and mercy,
We are broken. Forgive our racism. You
alone can change us. Right now we are
allies in anger, but we want to be coconspirators for change. Transform us
into virtuosos of hope with the courage
and creativity to lean into “the urgency
of the moment.” Help our leaders do
justice, love kindness, and walk humbly
with you. We can do better–
but not without you.
Lord have mercy,
Christ have mercy,
Lord have mercy.

Thanks to Ministry Incubators coach Amelia Thompson
for inspiring this prayer