Coaching, Consulting, Custom Events, and more to Hatch your wild idea.


Ministry Incubators signature event is the Hatchathon. We gather teams of innovators for a 2.5 day event designed to get your fledgeling idea from back-of-a-napkin to ready-to-launch.

The Ministry Incubators team will partner with you to help you get your idea clarified, launched, and sustainable. 


The Starter Suite

Ready to dig in to your big idea? 

Learn from Mark DeVries, Kenda Creasy Dean, and other experience innovators in our online course, The Starter Suite! This course has seven approachable, informative modules with accompanying worksheets to help you apply the principles to your own context. 



 Experienced coaches can help you identify and sequence steps to get your idea off the ground. 

Whether you’re a solo innovator, or part of a team, one of Ministry Incubators coaches can catalyze your idea and help make it reality. 



Ministry Incubators offers organizational consulting for oragnizations of all sizes and can create personalized objectives to help your team meet its goals. 


Discipleship by Design Games

Through a partnership with Discipleship by Design, Ministry Incubators is excited to offer access to thought-provoking, innovative, (and dare we say, fun) games and activities to help your team look at your ideas through imaginative new lenses.

Looking for Something else?

We offer custom solutions for organizations big and small to help them realize their ideas. Set up a call with our team and we’ll hear your vision and help identify ways we can be your co-conspirators for your wild ideas.