What Do We Do?

I’d like to think that if Jesus had more time on this earth, he might well have explored the entrepreneurial. Maybe a clothing line: the Leper Colony, or the Tax Collector’s Café, or the Ritually Impure Maintenance Crew.

—Father Greg Boyle’s Barking to the Choir

We’re an incubator program and consulting group for early-stage impact entrepreneurs. We invest our time and experience in individuals, organizations, and faith communities who want to turn hare-brained ministry ideas into sustainable impact enterprises with a theological mission.

By providing peer learning communities, coaching, and consulting—and by helping you get legal, financial, and design expertise when you need it—we’ll show you how to “hatch” your idea. Our process helps you to listen deeply, identify needs and resources, develop your ministry plan and financial model, and generate prototypes. We connect you with other impact entrepreneurs and help you to bring the theological and spiritual aspects of your idea into clearer focus.

We believe in the theological motivation behind business for good, and we want to help bring your ideas to life.