Why Are We Doing This 2

Does the church have to be the place where great ideas go to die?

    Most people have at least one:

  • An idea.
  • A dream to change the world.
  • A brainchild to make the world “more awesome” (thanks Kid President).

But the vast majority of great ideas stay stuck in the heads of their dreamers.
Have had that experience, haven’t you? You come across something in the store or on an infomercial, and you say, “That was MY idea!” But it was an idea that never got out of your head into the world.
That’s sort of why we created the hatchathon [HYPERLINK] experience. You gather with dreamers like you who share one thing in common—a missional entrepreneurial dream, an idea that links a “change the world” mission to a sustainable revenue stream.
One of our clients is a food truck sponsored as a young adult mission of a local church. Another is a “farminary,” essentially a seminary (you guessed it) on a farm.
You may have a dream of a coffee shop as a church, a film company that employs the homeless, or a side business to support a ministry or mission you love.
These are the kinds of ideas we’ve seen in our previous Hatchathons.