Testimonial: Benefits of a Hatch-a-thon

2 · 07 · 17

If you’re interested in knowing some of the benefits of attending a Hatch-a-thon, here are some reflections from a past participant, Carl Thomas Stroud Gladstone, director of the Young Leaders Initiative:

“The Conspiritor Collective is a community of young artists reclaiming worship artistry as a means of grace for the church and world. Equal parts missional record label, artist collective and worship arts incubator this grass-roots creative network will connect young people with industry professionals to write, record and produce new worship music, share it virally and generate income through sales to support youth and young adult led missional enterprises for the transformation of the world. Like the publishing of John and Charles Wesley during the early days of the Methodist movement, the Conspiritor Collective will simultaneously enrich our worship life and theological exploration while generating the resources to share that message more broadly.

“As a young adult leading worship at a United Methodist related college I experienced the stagnation of my church’s worship arts practices. I had to go outside the church of the great hymn writer Charles Wesley to find music to play at chapel each week. Later on I found myself diving back into the unused hymn texts of Mr. Wesley, reclaiming them by writing new tunes. It became a spiritual practice for me that just happened to also create a renewed worship resource for the church. The moment I heard the new worship team at my alma mater playing one of the Wesley hymns I re-tuned, I knew this was a practice I was particularly called to help the church offer to other young people.

“The Hatch-A-Thon was a moment that helped me dream the Conspiritor Collective to its full potential. It was also a moment that helped me feel the weighty pull of what I had to do to bring that dream into reality.”

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