What We Offer

Here is a list of what we offer:

COACHING & CONSULTING – Allow an experienced leader to sequence your organization’s launch process and prioritize your work. We’ll give you a clear path so that you can successfully launch. Contact us for more information about coaching and consulting.

EVENTS – Meet up with other innovators to move your project forward in a big way. Our events include: Hathchatons, Innovation Audits, Pivot Retreats and more. Go here for an overview of each event and for a list of our upcoming events.

COHORTS – Get together with groups of no more than 10 like minded innovators. Content driven, high accountability and no shame. This is a space for learning how to launch your idea or project within the context of community. Upcoming cohorts will be posted soon.

ONLINE COURSES – The Starter Suite is now live. If you’re someone motivated by faith and wanting to start something new and sustainable that makes the world better, the Starter Suite video course is for you. We’ll help to get your project clarified, launched and sustainable as quickly as possible. View the Starter Suite.

DISCIPLESHIP BY DESIGN GAMES – Dig into complex problems, spark new ideas, and break out of a rut with specialty games designed to inspire innovation and push your team to the next level via our partnership with Discipleship by Design.