COVID-19 Creativity: A Virtual Co-Working Empower Hour

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The 20-30 Dream Hub’s Virtual Co-Working “Empower Hour”

Okay, so when they designed it, it was supposed to be a co-working spacebut, you know, COVID-19.

We love what Zoe Project and Ministry Incubators Start Up Clinic alums from First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens did instead. Undaunted, they took their innovation—a co-working space and young adult resource center called The 20-30 Dream Hub—and transformed it into a virtual co-working meet-up for young adults.  Check it out here —or join in!

Congrats, 20-30 Dream Hub, on your fearless holy imagination!  (Thanks to Rev. Chris de la Cruz for tipping us off!)

If you have a creative COVID-19 adaptation we can share, please let us know—we’d love to share the good news!


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