The Hatch-a-thon Experience: Rev. Laura Bratton

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LauraGuest post by the Rev. Laura Bratton, senior pastor of Laurens Road United Methodist Church in Greenville, South Carolina and Executive Director of Ubi Global.

What in the world is a Hatchathon? I asked myself the same question when I learned about the Hatchathon taking place in March of 2015. I had no clue what to expect. I knew that I had a new ministry idea and was hoping that the time at the Hatchathon would provide me with guidance to make my idea a reality. Well, I received more guidance and help than I could have expected.

The Hatchathon is a two day intensive workshop that gives you the space to explore each part of your new ministry idea. In a short amount of time, you are given the space to formulate a clear and concise purpose for your new enterprise. You are challenged to answer practical questions such as: What is the mission and vision statement? Will the new ministry be a non-profit or an LLC? How will the new enterprise be financially sustainable? What marketing strategies can be used when launching the ministry?

Exploring and answering each of the critical questions is possible through Kenda and Mark’s helpful group presentations as well as the one-on-one time that they offer.

I came to the Hatchathon with a clear idea, yet I was unclear about the best ways to practically implement my idea. As a result of my time at the Hatchathon, I received the knowledge and guidance that I needed to create a sustainable service. Using all that I learned, I was able to create and launch Ubi Global. Ubi Global is an organization that offers speaking and coaching to people overcoming traumatic situations.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have experienced a Hatchathon. I encourage anyone with a new ministry idea to attend a Hatchathon so that your new idea can be a powerful reality.

Registration is now open for two of our upcoming Hatch-a-thons:

Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center

Lake Junaluska, NC
$255 per person*
Register here


Institute for Youth Ministry

Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton, NJ
$369 per person*
Register here



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