Thinking Through the Story of Your Missional Enterprise: A Snippet from Noodlings

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Our Hatch-a-thons can help you think through the vision for your missional enterprise, from developing your ideas to actually putting them into action, including important nuts-and-bolts details along the way! Here’s a snippet from the Hatch-a-thon workbook Noodlings to help you get started. If you are interested in learning more, you can find more information about and sign up for the next Hatch-a-thon coming up March 29-31 here.

 Your “theological story” is a short, comprehensive statement of where your vision is going and why you’re going there as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Here are some prompts to help you articulate the theological narrative for your missional enterprise:


1. Why do you care about this enterprise so much?


 2. Where does God already seem to be at work in the world that suggests a connection to your project?


 3. What openings of grace do you see happening right now that make you think:
  • Now may be God’s time for this venture
  • Now may be the time in my life for this venture
  • God may be preparing me to initiate this venture
 4. How are we to discern the movement of the Spirit toward this enterprise? For example:
  • What convinces me that the energy for this venture comes from God rather than from missional trendiness?
  • Which of my gifts does this venture call forth/utilize for Christ’s purposes?
  • How will I know I’m relying on Jesus Christ and not on myself?
 5. Pull your narrative all together into a single story, using this outline, only if necessary:
  • I first noticed this problem when…
  • I realized we could do something when…
  • I am passionate about being personally involved in this project because…
  • Do you know about (the problem)? I hope to (your offering) so that (result).
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