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The #1 Way to Reduce Stress

The #1 Way to Reduce Stress

When one of Ministry Incubator's leaders sat down with a mentor, feeling the pressure of a to-do list that was quite literally impossible for him to achieve that week, his mentor asked him to circle a few things he actually could do.  To the stressed-out leader’s...

Three Sisters

Three Sisters

When the first Europeans landed on what is now called North America, they noticed an agricultural practice of the indigenous population that was radically unfamiliar to them. They saw gardens, where, instead of neat rows of separated crops, beans wrapped themselves...

Students Leading Students to Worship: Olivia Williamson’s Story

By John HarrellMinistry Incubators staff “Worship me.” That’s what Olivia Eckart Williamson experienced as God’s call to her when she was a senior in high school: to worship the Lord, with her school as the venue. She remembers being at a restaurant with a friend,...

Drowning in Details? Maybe We Can Surf Instead

Task management can be discipleship By John Harrell, Ministry Incubators Staff It was a typical weeknight shortly after Ana and I were married and we had just finished inching our little car home through the molasses of Seattle traffic. We had no way of knowing that...

A Few Words on Innovation: An Interview with Dawn Lynch

Are you interested in what ministry innovation looks like in action? Our own John Harrell interviews Dawn Lynch with Community Yoga in Mooresville, NC—a ministry that aims to create community through yoga! Check it out!