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11 · 01 · 16

With the coming of fall and a new school year, we have taken to some updates around here at Ministry Incubators. Part of these changes include a brand new website you may or may not have stumbled upon (and if you missed it, you should go check it out). We are excited to share with you our continued vision and plans to support the social enterprise development we are seeing within so many new and creative ministry contexts.

As you poke around the new website, you’ll see some updates regarding upcoming Ministry Incubators events and new resources we are developing to continue to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. Our hope is that your interest in this new field of ministry can be supported by our team and the resources we will be releasing over the upcoming months. We are so encouraged by your stories and the ways you are creating incredible kingdom impact through all kinds of social enterprises!

One of the best things about being a part of Ministry Incubators is getting to speak regularly with our clients about the ways they are reimagining how communities of faith can be transformational in the everyday and ordinary of our lives. Social entrepreneurship through a theological lens allows us to see a literal kingdom economy, to see business as a means to expand ministry. As we get fired up about this concept, we are thrilled to see your passion for this as well. Your stories and ideas matter, and we want to give you the platform to explore the possibilities of what they could become.

With plans for our spring Hatchathon solidified, we want to challenge you to join us for the next step in taking your idea into reality. Whatever ideas have been rolling around in your brain for awhile, we want to be a part of moving them from your mind to a model. You are incredible leaders, thinkers and dreamers, and now is the time to take the jump into new territory! If you’re ready to take the plunge and join our team, head on over to our contact page and get started today. We’d love to have you come along!

We are looking forward to a great new season with you all, and can’t wait to share new stories of the work God is doing through your social ventures. Keep checking back to hear more about what’s happening next – you won’t want to miss it!

The Ministry Incubators Team

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