Need Help Finding Funding?

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Finding funding for your project isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help! We absolutely love working with people at our Hatchathons and other events, but we particularly treasure the opportunity to take that relationship further. When we establish a coaching relationship with an individual or organization, one of the topics that we often discuss is preparing their pitch and proposal for potential funding sources.  Awards like the Traditioned Innovation Award that we featured last week can be a great help for organizations trying to get their project off the ground.

We are particularly proud of a number of our partners who have been featured by the Leadership Education program at Duke Divinity School. Past winners of this award include many names that you may recognize if you have been following Ministry Incubators for very long – The Brain Kitchen, GO FISH!, Try Pie and Mowtown Teen Lawn Care.

If you are looking for a partner to help find funding for your project, just let us know! We can not only help you find sources of funding, we can help you with your pitch or your grant application!

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