New Resource: Theology and Design–Practicing Empathy in Design Thinking

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Here’s the second in our series of blog posts highlighting useful resources, also the second by our friend Bethany Stolle of Stolle Creative, titled “Theology and Design–Practicing Empathy”! Bethany is an interaction designer, curriculum developer, and entrepreneur with a decade of experience creating physical and digital products for children, youth, and adults.

Here’s a small excerpt: “Designers engage in generative research at the start of a project to seek problems, develop empathy, and gain a deeper understanding of people’s needs and desires. The methods tend to be qualitative and open-ended. Generative research can help ministry leaders develop empathy for our neighbors, as well as invite others into a creative, collaborative process that invigorates our ministries.”

Be sure to visit the resource page to view/download the entire handout! And, stay tuned for the posting next week of a third resource by Bethany on design synthesis.

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