Testimonial: Andrew Breton and Reel Shot Films

3 · 07 · 17

Interested in attending a Hatch-a-thon? Here are some reflections from a past participant, Andrew Breton, who “noodled” there on an idea for a project called Reel Shot Films. For him, Hatch-a-thon was an excellent springboard for exploration to begin seeing where his project might take him.

“Like many things in the entrepreneurial journey, ideas shift and move and even disappear. During my Hatch-a-thon experience, I worked on developing an online film school that would empower and train middle school and high school students to make their own films. It was designed to be an online platform with training videos–an online community–in which we would help students organize short film festivals in their community for their films to be shown.

“But, none of that has really happened so far. Instead, when I got back from the Hatch-a-thon, I ended up being connected with a woman from my church who is passionate about students and film making too. In fact, she had already developed a whole curriculum for a film making camp for middle school and high school students. She agreed to put on a version of her camp for some of the students in our community over April vacation. She calls the camp The Pfactory, which is short for “Possibilities Factory.” She designed it as a day camp that helps students engage in leadership, community service, and film making. I think observing and helping to teach this camp will be extremely valuable as I try and figure out what Reel Shot Films might look like in the future. Who knows, she might even be a future partner. Or, I might abandon Reel Shot Films altogether and jump on with her! So, things are happening. But, I would say I am still in the research and development phase and that seems like the exact right place for me to be right now. 

“The most helpful part of the Hatch-a-thon was the time away to think, reflect, and innovate. In the fast times in which we live, retreating to dream up entrepreneurial ideas for the church was a real gift.”

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