Where Are They Now: Jenifer Meyer and In A Pinch

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A month ago at one of our Hatchathons, Jenifer Meyer hatched the idea to provide emergency kits for families taking in foster children–a gap that often goes unfilled, leaving foster families scrambling to provide for the children’s immediate basic needs. Today, just a month later, her nonprofit is called In A Pinch, and it’s functioning to meet those needs!

In her 3/17/2018 blog post, Jenifer describes her whirlwind journey, from verbalizing her idea to friends over coffee on a Tuesday—one of whom was helping with Hatchathon, encouraged her to go, and signed her up—to attending Hatchathon on Thursday through Saturday that same week.

She also shares a video of her Hatchathon presentation (watch it below—her presentation was “messy” in the first round, she says, but she made it through as one of four groups chosen to present in Hatchathon’s “Festival of Dangerous Ideas.”) In her presentation, she mentions plans to make a whiteboard explainer video to raise awareness of the project and how people can help. That whiteboard video is also now a reality, and you can watch it below too!

This is a thing. It’s a real life tangible thing. They gave me money. This is happening. I’m starting a ministry to help foster kids. It’s called In A Pinch. Guys. Pinch me.

If you’d like to support In A Pinch, please click the DONATE button below.

Hatchathon Presentation

Whiteboard Explainer Video


If you’re interested in attending a Hatchathon to help hatch your hare-brained idea for ministry, registration will open soon for the next one, which will be in Knoxville, MD on November 8-10, 2018!

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