Three New Resources: Innovation

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We’ve been highlighting useful resources available here on our website, and we’re excited to share this selection of three resources on innovation with you!

The Wagon Wheel Excercise

The Wagon Wheel Excercise, an innovation excercise for both youth and adults, is a great resource by our very own Kenda Creasy Dean and Mark DeVries. There’s a version for youth and one for adults, with both versions containing the same information–only the text box color is different. Both provide instructions for an innovation-stimulating activity in which people group themselves in a wagon wheel formation of two concentric circles, then ask and answer questions about themselves and their ideas as one of the circles rotates.

You’ll find these resources here:
Wagon Wheel Excercise: Youth
Wagon Wheel Excercise: Adult

Types of Innovation

This resource explores four types of innovation: architectural, radical, disruptive (“stealth”), and incremental. It gives examples of each, then challenges you to locate your place (or your organization’s, or your idea’s place) on a graph quadrant of the four types.

You’ll find this resource here:
Types of Innovation

Stay tuned for more resources to be highlighted in the weeks to come!

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